Swedish Lawyer Jens Lapidus now fronts King of Sweden Magazine for March 2021

Swedish criminal defense Lawyer and author Jens Lapidus fronts King of Sweden.

Swedish criminal defense Lawyer Jens Lapidus now fronts King of Sweden Magazine for March 2021.

The 46 years old a Swedish criminal defense lawyer and author known for his books about the Stockholm underworld.

Lapidus has a beautiful fashion editorial, where he wears clothing from luxe brands like Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, a watch by Rolex styling by Maria Montti and photography by Carl Thorborg.

The editorial is titled Samm a cash translated to easy money.

The lawyer who made his writing debut in August 2006 with Snabba Cash. It is an account of the Stockholm underworld and the first of a planned trilogy called The Stockholm Noir Trilogy.

Two years later the second installment, Aldrig Fucka Upp was published by Wahlström & Widstrand. A graphic novel with illustrator Peter Bergting (The Portent) entitled Gängkrig 145 was published May 2009.

While this project does tie into his previous novels, it is not the third part of The Stockholm Noir Trilogy as some Swedish media has claimed. Lapidus’ writing has been compared to James Ellroy and Dennis Lehane.

From one of Sweden’s most successful defense lawyers comes an unflinching look at Stockholm’s underworld, told from the perspective of the mob bosses, the patsies, and the thugs who help operate its twisted justice system. 

A number one bestseller in Sweden, Jens Lapidus’s Top Dog is a thrilling, character-driven look at Stockholm’s drug-and-sex-fueled underworld.

Sweden is the new black!

The author is getting ready for his new book: Paradis City. Contradictions have hardened: to protect the privileged, walls have been built around no-go zones. The largest is Järva. When the Minister of the Interior dares to go there, everything goes wrong, she is kidnapped. The police stand by, until a desperate idea hatches: to send in the detained, kidney-sick Emir. The catch is cruel: without state dialysis he dies.

Jens Lapidus is back with a rock-hard depiction of a country that is falling apart

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Photographer: Carl Thorborg
Stylist: Maria Montti
Grooming: Tony Lundstrom
Cast: Jens Lapidus

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  1. Jens Lapidus is such a creative and prolific hunk over 40. Great article.

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