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From Bodyguard to Fashion Model: Sebastien Jondeau for Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld’s longtime Bodyguard and assistant is the new menswear ambassador.

Hello from St-Barts! 🌴Menswear ambassador Sebastien Jondeau sporting the all new Karl Lagerfeld collection for the Spring 2021 campaign.

Lagerfeld’s longtime bodyguard and personal assistant, Jondeau announced its release date to his followers on Instagram. “Ça va, cher Karl?” (How are you, dear Karl? in English) is out on Jan. 27 for €19.90.

French fashion journalist Virginie Mouzat, best known for her stints at Vanity Fair France and as Le Figaro’s chief fashion critic, assisted Jondeau in writing the 220-page book and calls it “a story of fight, love, admiration and resilience.”

Like a desire to take to the sea … 🌴 Thank you my @thibautsnap for this superb shooting in St-Bart for the launch of the men’s collection.

So Sébastien Jondeau, Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime bodyguard and personal assistant, admits that Lagerfeld — who died on Feb. 19, 2019 — would probably be none too pleased that his new book chronicles the designer’s four-year battle with cancer in detail, from the first signals — problems relieving himself — to the immunotherapy and radiation treatments, hospital stays, fluid retention and all the ups and downs of a terrible, relentless disease.

“Ça va, cher Karl?”

The book reveals Jondeau to be a warrior also, having scrabbled his way from a rough-and-tumble upbringing to working for one of the world’s greatest fashion designers, and also rebounded from the death of his father and mother from cancer, in 1999 and 2003, respectively, and many failed romances, mostly his fault, he admits.

The 45-year-old wanted people to know that a fairy-tale life is possible — and without ever forgetting your roots. To be sure, the strapping Jondeau brought more than muscle and street smarts to his all-consuming job as Lagerfeld’s right-hand man. His work required charm, diplomacy and initiative — and he delivered in spades.

In an interview, Jondeau allowed that Lagerfeld ultimately became a treasured friend, confidant — and a father and mother figure, too. “I spent more time with him than my own parents, my own family,” he said. “It was six days a week, and from morning until late at night. It was 24/7 until the end.”

Yet he never forgot that the designer was his boss and that his job was an important one. He never wanted to let Lagerfeld down, and he didn’t — even completing the last task asked of him: making sure his ashes were released into the Mediterranean Sea.

Sebastien Jondeau for Karl Lagerfeld

The now model is thankfully for being the new menswear ambassador for the Parisian brand. He’s feeling so happy to be aboard, “Like a desire to take to the sea … 🌴 Thank you photographer Thibaut Daliphard for this superb shooting in St-Bart for the launch of the men’s collection.” He says on instagram.

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2 comments on “From Bodyguard to Fashion Model: Sebastien Jondeau for Karl Lagerfeld

  1. Great article and inspirational story. I think the thing I love most and admire about hunks over 40 like Sebastian Jondeau is how they reinvent themselves. They truly embody what a renaissance man is, they are smart, sexy and truly inspirational to a 25 year old aspiring renaissance man like me. From bodyguard to sexy brand ambassador.

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  2. Right Josh, in fact the story of this guy is very inspirational.


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