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Dancing with Friedemann Vogel for GQ Germany Editorial

"Friedemann Vogel is one of the best ballet dancers in the world." GQ Germany January 2021.

Dancing with Friedemann Vogel for GQ Germany Editorial. “Friedemann Vogel is one of the best ballet dancers in the world. We requested him for a fashion shoot – in the interview, he talks about physicality, training and fashion.”

In addition to the opportunity to share his thoughts, from the frustration of practising alone during the pandemic, to his increasing appreciation for craftsmanship when it comes to fashion, it was above all, a treat for Friedemann to partake in this shoot for GQ Germany, which served as a timely outlet for expression while theatres continue to be out of bounds.

Friedemann is delighted to announce that the documentary “FRIEDEMANN VOGEL – Verk√∂rperung des Tanzes” will premiere on 10th April 2020 on German TV channel SWR and on the ARD Media Channel.

With the “Dancer of the Year” constantly on the move, the 60-minute portrait by Katja Trautwein provides a dynamic insight into Friedemann’s daily life, which revolves around rehearsals, performances, fashion shoots, and of course, travelling across the globe to dance on some of the world’s most prestigious stages, in Stuttgart, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow and Tokyo. 

You can listen the Original Documentary Soundtrack on Spotify from the documentary, here:

Photographer: Stefan Heinrichs
Stylist: Tobias Frericks
Grooming: Gregor Makris
Cast: Friedemann Vogel

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