British Brand E. Tautz unveiled Fall 2021 Collection in London

Suitable for Youngers and people of a certain age, British Brand E. Tautz unveiled Fall 2021 Collection in London Fashion Week.

Suitable for Youngers and people of a certain age, British Brand E. Tautz unveiled Fall 2021 Collection in London Fashion Week.

Made in Britain

E. Tautz take great pride in our manufacturing. Every product that bears their name is carefully sourced from the world’s best factories.

The brand make much of what we sell in their own factory in Blackburn, Lancashire.

This state-of-the-art facility employs over 50 skilled sewing machinists making outerwear, trousers, jeans, and sports shirts.

The remainder of its products they source predominantly from a network of small mainly family owned mills and manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Their knitwear is made in Scotland and Wales, with some pieces knitted entirely by hand. Ties are made by hand in London, and its formal shirts in Somerset.

“This collection is largely inspired by a trip I took last year to the Isle of Skye. Myself and a good friend hiked and camped in the wilderness. It was the height of summer, august, but in typically Scottish fashion the weather changed hourly, and at several points it could have been the dead of winter.”

E. Tautz

The light was startling, when it broke through, but for much of the time the bens were shrouded in mist and cloud. The Isle of Skye, like a lot of the Hebrides, is a simple story of man interaction with nature.

The isles are covered in the rusting detritus of hundreds of years of human presence; tractors, cars stuck rusting in peat bogs, old coaches turned into makeshift shelters, bothies and other shacks, most in themselves quite ugly and very much at odds with the spectacular rugged beauty of the landscapes in which they sit, telling a story in miniature that is playing out across the planet in large scale.

But there’s a beauty in them too; because of this rather sad story of man’s interaction with these places, they signal our history, they speak of industry, but also of loss. So the collection is in part a musing on man’s intervention on the planet, on damage, on legacy, on failure. 

And as I have done often before I slip back to thinking about the how to reshape our textiles and clothing industry for the better, shape it to work for the world in which we now live. And again I am drawn back to the lessons of the best of our past; to the paternalists and the utopian communities they created around their great manufactories; New Lanark and Robert Owen, and Barrow Bridge 
and Thomas Bazley. Things made to last, everything cherished, everyone valued.

All are featured in hand sewn embroideries and appliques made using reclaimed fabric scraps”.

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