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Welcome to the Fabulous 40’s Model David Gandy

Today International Top Model David Gandy turns 40! and we have a new fashion edit to celebrate.

Today International Top Model David Gandy turns 40! and we have a new fashion edit to celebrate.

You know, I have heard this statement more often than I would like to admit, ”Age is just a number”. And don’t worry, I’m not about to repeat that here.

But let’s see how this gorgeous British gentleman is making it on the 40th floor.

The British model, who rose to fame thanks to Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue campaign, we’ve found out how he trains and what he does to stay in shape now that he can’t leave home. 

He also explains his style secrets and how to always hit the target with his looks. “It is an honor to be on any list of the best dressed,” he tells us, “but thinking about my next outfit is not something that certainly dominates my life.”

As a style reference for a whole generation of men, the English model (Billericay, Essex) has appeared on our pages with some relish. 

However, this interview with David Gandy is quite special for two reasons. On the one hand, he gives it to us shortly after celebrating his 40th birthday, an excellent time to look back and reflect on his contribution to the world of fashion. On the other, we do it in very special conditions due to confinement, which gives it some unprecedented nuances until now.

I was still learning how to coach in 2006 and I certainly know a lot more about it now. When I look back at that campaign it doesn’t give me the impression that he was particularly in very good shape, I have worked much harder since then to get a body that I am proud of.

David Gandy

Today, in a interview from 2020, Gandy admits, “I train using my body weight and medium weights. I always thought that lifting a lot of weights was key to getting a muscular body, but it is not. I train in the gym about five times a week for about an hour, even more when I’m training for a particular campaign or project.”

When he talks about fashion today, he tells this, “I guess my style has evolved over time. I have been fortunate to work with some of the greatest creatives and designers in the world of fashion, so I have learned a lot. I don’t believe too much, however, in following trends. I wear suits and other pieces from my wardrobe that are ten years old. I don’t buy fast fashion or non-essential pieces and I believe in the sustainability of the garments. Therefore, the clothes that I buy are of high quality and basic pieces that I will wear for years.”

When asked this, Do you think that a man should dress according to his age or is that precept no longer valid? 

He responds: I think a man should dress according to what suits his body, according to what makes him feel stylish and gives him confidence. I like to see the individual touch in a man’s style choices. We live in times when less formal dressing is a trend, so there are more men wearing casual sneakers, sweatshirts or pants, and this can sometimes give the impression that they are trying to dress younger than they are. There is an ability to dress less formal and, at the same time, do it with style.

Congratulations Gandy!

Photographer: Amy Shore
Stylist: Richard Pierce
Grooming: Larry King
Cast: David Gandy

With an unwavering commitment to positivity, Chris breathes life into every photo session, transporting viewers into a world of unparalleled beauty and style. Step into the captivating realm of Fashionably Male, where since 2010, the finest features and trendsetting moments have been artfully showcased.

3 comments on “Welcome to the Fabulous 40’s Model David Gandy

  1. Great article on Renaissance Man and International Model David Gandy. I have to admit David Gandy and William Levy establish the hunk standard. Happy Birthday David Gandy

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  2. Bye the way I just fact checked myself and William Levy is indeed a hunk over 40. He played in En brazos de un asesino like 2 years ago, which was a great movie and he still posts occasionally on his Instagram.


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