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Actor Daniel Franzese was Fired Today at Walsh University for being gay in 2021

The actor and comedian expressed via YouTube he won’t tolerate microagressions and attacks against his persona.

Today the 42 year-old actor and comedian confessed via YouTube about his trauma and uncomfortable experience at the Walsh University.

He confessed via YouTube channel that he won’t stand micro aggressions and attacks against minorities that cause hate crimes like the one in 2016 at Pulse’s Orlando and the horrific events at Atlanta.

The actor and comedian continues with “I was fired from Walsh University in Ohio for being gay.” He explains that he was hired over a month ago to host the Mr. Walsh Pageant at the catholic University––one day after the Pope’s announcement that the Vatican released a biased statement that it will not bless same-sex unions, Daniel was told that his contract was not longer approved.

Even though the University had previously approached the actor with and offer and they even negotiated a contract.

He explains that he received a letter via email from his manager and regarding that the institution has decided to not longer approve the contract for the actor.

The also comedian explains in the video, that you can watch here, “these words are being weaponized against me as they will no doubt countless others, I could understand if maybe they didn’t want to see my comedy show which is PG-13, by the way, and I performed at over 50 colleges and universities all around the nation including Christian and Catholic Universities.”

Daniel continues with he was hired as an MC a show with a script that they wrote for a male beauty pageant. And despite the fact that he was doing this for practically half his rate because they are a private University in the midst of a pandemic “I was fired and yes losing this money definitely hurts my budget during a time when live entertainment is scarce.”

“When the pandemic is over I am going to return to the nearest gay club to Ohio near Walsh University and I’m going to perform a comedy benefit to for the Trevor Project which is an organization that is flooded with calls whenever the Vatican makes a decision like this for LGBTQ youth looking for suicide, someone to speak to, so I’m going to perform this benefit and anyone with a Walsh University ID can come for free.”


“If you don’t want to bake my cake, I don’t want to hand you my ground”

So he concludes with this next statement, “to the LGBTQ students at Walsh because I know you’re there, I am so sorry that I can’t be there with you, I imagine that you’re feeling frustrated and isolated right now, but you must know that God knows everything about you and he loves you just as you are and no Vatican statement can change that, no University action can change that, nothing can separate us from the love of god in Jesus Christ.”

If you’d like to donate to Trevor Project please go to give: thetrevorproject.org.

Daniel, we’re so sorry for this, we can’t believe this is happening in 2021. But is a reality that we must face and we need to fight back and we’ll advocate for this to the end.

On the comments about his video on YouTube and Facebook thousands of people react emphasize to the actor’s situation and commenting good and positive energy.

Listen right now Daniel’s Apple Podcast Yass, Jesus.

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1 comment on “Actor Daniel Franzese was Fired Today at Walsh University for being gay in 2021

  1. It’s a little bit confusing bc it’s a male beauty pageant so everyone knows Daniel is gay. So I this university loses credibility.


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