The Best Rain Boots for Men

If you’ve ever been caught outside in a torrential downpour with sneakers or dress shoes on, you know how essential it is to own a solid pair of rain boots.

If you’ve ever been caught outside in a torrential downpour with sneakers or dress shoes on, you know how essential it is to own a solid pair of rain boots. Rain boots provide protection for your feet and legs during heavy rain and snowstorms.

There are countless styles and brands to choose from nowadays, so we’ve compiled this list of the best rain boots on the market to ensure that you never have to walk home in waterlogged sneakers ever again.

Hunter Men’s Chelsea Rain Boot

Whoever said rain boots couldn’t be stylish? Whoever they were, we can guarantee that they never laid eyes on these beauties from Hunter. Hunter’s Chelsea rain boot is so impressive because while its waterproof rubber upper protects you from the elements, the rest of the design ensures it could fit right into a line of dress boots. The Chelsea frame isn’t just hip, but also eminently wearable and convenient for taking on and off. These boots are also extremely durable. Your feet will feel sturdy, safe, and dry inside these stellar rain boots from Hunter.

Dunlop Chesapeake Rain Boots

Dunlop is one of the most respected names in the rain boot industry, and this pair of rough-and-tumble Chesapeake boots make it easy to see why. These knee-high boots are sturdy and durable due to their 100% waterproof PVC material. Some rain boots are heavy and hard to walk long distances in, but these boots from Dunlop are lightweight and maneuverable. The boot’s outsole offers excellent traction along with channels that repel water from your feet. We won’t dare suggest that these are the most fashionable boots around, but no one can argue that they don’t get the job done.

Bogs Classic High 

For men have been our favorite mud boots for several years in a row. The specialized tread sets mud boots apart, and these Bogs boots have a few other details that make them particularly effective.

The sole of a good mud boot should do two things: prevent debris from getting stuck in the bottom, and release your foot from the mud. You won’t see any narrow channels on the tread of the Bogs Classic; it can take hosing off and prevent detritus from getting stuck in the first place. And unlike rain boots that have flat, squared-off soles, a mud boot often has a rounded sole, which breaks surface tension and releases your foot from sticky stuff. It sounds like a tiny difference, but it works—in our tests we had several boots pull right off our feet while wading through mud, but not so with the Bogs.

Crocs AllCast and Totes Cirrus

People who despise clunky footwear or who easily get fatigued in the ankles or knees from heavier shoes.

Although rubber is durable, it can also be heavy. If your main concern is having something light on your foot, we recommend the Crocs AllCast men’s rain boot and the Totes Cirrus women’s Chelsea boot. Both are made of EVA foam, the same thing found in the soles of athletic shoes.

The Totes Cirrus boots look like Chelseas but are made from a single piece of EVA foam, so they’re very lightweight. Photo Kyle Fitzgerald.

Can I wear rain boots in the snow?

Rain boots will prevent your feet from getting wet during snowstorms, but they don’t offer the same protection in the snow that they do in the rain. Snow boots typically offer more traction and warmth than rain boots do. Don’t get us wrong — you’re better off wearing a pair of rain boots in a blizzard than you are a pair of sneakers, but for optimal foot protection and safety, snow boots are the better option.

Should I get knee-high or low-top rain boots?

The two biggest factors in determining which size rain boots you should get are your geographical location and taste preference. If you live in a region that receives a lot of rain and puddles are aplenty, knee-high rain boots might be the best choice for you. Alternatively, if you’re just getting rain boots for the occasional shower, maybe low-tops are more your speed. Some people enjoy the bombastic, loud look of knee-high rain boots, and some prefer the more understated aesthetic of low tops. They’ll both protect your feet from the rain, so you really can’t go wrong.

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