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Pedro Pascal’s ‘Charming’ Explain in the Esquire May 2023 Issue

“I want him to be my pal that I can hang out with until all hours of the night, but Daddy?” Paul Pascal explains on the new US Esquire May 2023.

Introducing Esquire’s April/May issue starring Pedro Pascal. 

After years of grinding away, the suddenly-everywhere actor is enjoying fame and near-universal adulation thanks to his dual streaming blockbusters ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘The Mandalorian.’ At the link in bio, he talks about all of it—and everything that’s coming next, with Esquire’s Dave Holmes. 


‘Daddy’ is a word that comes up in the Pedro Pascal conversation and on his various social media fan accounts a lot. A lot, a lot. “Knowing Pedro as intimately as I do, I would not want him to be my daddy, personally,” his longtime friend and fellow actor @mssarahcatharinepaulson tells Esquire. “I want him to be my pal that I can hang out with until all hours of the night, but Daddy?”

Pascal shrugs. “Plus, I’m old.”

Esquire sat down with star of HBO’s The Last of Us Pedro Pascal and asked…well maybe forced…him to explain a few more things – from his experience working with co-star Bella Ramsey (and his newfound Gen Z vocabulary) to his prediction of a hypothetical zombie apocalypse showdown between him and Sarah Paulson. And, he gives insight on the highly-anticipated second season of The Last of Us

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