Canadian-American Actor Pablo Schreiber For Mr Feelgood Magazine

Shot by Austin Hargrave here's actor Pablo Schreiber for Mr Feelgood Magazine

Repost from Mr Feelgood Magazine here’s actor Pablo Schreiber shot by Austin Hargrave.

He’s a perfect fit in the armored suit of alien-slaying Master Chief in ‘Halo’, one of the biggest video game adaptations in TV history, yet Pablo Schreiber is most at home amid earth’s natural treasures.

Video game adaptations have proven to be among the trickiest challenges for television and movie executives. Devoted gamers have often spent thousands of hours inhabiting the lead character, controlling their every move, so it is impossible to satisfy the diverse expectations of millions of fans who have all taken the protagonist in their own direction, creating their own unique personality and story.

‘Halo’ has been the flagship franchise for Microsoft’s XBox since the first-person shooter’s initial release in 2001. The game, set amid a 26th century interstellar war, has sold more than 82 million copies worldwide, earning $5 billion, as various spin-off novels and comics have further enriched the world. Yet it has never quite made the leap into the mainstream broadcasting realm. But finally, after more than a decade in development, the ‘Halo’ TV series has landed on Paramount+ as the network attempts to establish themselves alongside the streaming elite. And with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment among those behind the project, and the legendary director very hands-on with the creation of the $10 million-per-episode series, there’s a lot riding on its success.

So, with the expectations of millions of gamers at their mercy, whoever took on the role of Master Chief, the towering supersoldier who fronts the franchise, was going to need very broad shoulders. Luckily, Pablo Schreiber has no issues there.

We met Pablo the week of the series’ premiere, and fresh from a session working out those considerable shoulders with his personal trainer as he prepares to shoot the show’s second season. But first, he needs to flex all his mental strength to deal with the reaction of the franchise’s fans to the news that Master Chief will remove his helmet in the pilot to reveal the face of the man underneath. This is a very big deal in the ‘Halo’ universe, as the video game character has always remained anonymous and hidden behind his futuristic armor. Before the first episode has even aired, the internet is buzzing with opinions about the decision, both for and against.

“It’s a huge, iconic character that there’s already a lot of love for, and interest in, and that’s a massive plus,” Pablo says. “But there are challenges for sure, with one of the obvious ones being that people feel so connected to the character because they played as him from a first-person perspective.

“The way the character is established in the video game is purposefully vague and opaque. He’s a symbol for bravery and courage, but you don’t go into the nuances of his personality or feelings because they want you to fill in those aspects with your own personality.

“But of course, when you’re making a TV show that no longer works, because you want the viewer to sit back and enjoy a narrative experience. I think that when people see the choices we’ve made, and why we’ve made them, they’ll understand.

Pablo Schreiber // 📸 : Austin Hargrave

“We’re going to learn more about the character as the character learns about himself. It’s long-form storytelling, and the first season is really the process of him coming into contact with his own humanity for the first time.”

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Pablo Schreiber // 📸 : Austin Hargrave

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