Top Model Retro E1: Todd Rafalovich

Todd became a professional fashion model during the 80s, now he's a professional photographer.

After graduating from Stanford University, Todd became a professional fashion model during the 80s with Ford Models, Look and Wilhelmina.  After a decade as a fashion model working in over 15 countries, Todd went to the other side of the camera. His clients have ranged from prime ministers to heads of state.

Todd currently runs private and semi-private photography expeditions to Bhutan, Mongolia, and Egypt. 

Some of Todd’s memorable experiences include being escorted by an Egyptian military envoy to reach the forbidden desert oasis on the border of Libya, studying for a week in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, and living with the Eagle Hunters in Mongolia. He has visited rural Myanmar villages where residents dig holes for drinking rainwater, experienced a side of Tibet many haven’t seen, been chased by killer bees in Rwanda while gorilla trekking.  

Todd is passionate about how people find happiness amidst the most difficult of situations. He truly loves to share their stories and teach people how to fully immerse themselves in every destination they travel to, while at the same time giving back to the communities they visit. He has been to over 50 countries.

He is married and spends his time between San Mateo, California, Alaska, and Bali. He loves to fly fish in Alaska in his spare time.

Todd has an identical twin, Tom Rafalovich, also a former model, and current professional photographer.


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  1. Handsome and informative throwback thursday Feature of Todd Ratalovich.

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