Model Ollie Edwards for Matalan Campaign

Soon to be 40, British Male Model stars 2020 Matalan Campaign essentials only.

Soon to be 40, British Male Model that has appeared in numerous ad campaigns, editorials and walked for top designers. 

This time he stars the new campaign for Matalan essentials for men only for 2020.

With some gray hair on the sides, Ollie looks better than ever. Scruffy beard, slim but toned, Edwards is looking awesome.

About Matalan

From the day Matalan started back in 1985, to today, over 30 years on, Matalan’s mission has always stayed the same; to provide outstanding quality and value for modern families. Matalan takes time to listen, understand and evolve to fit changing modern family needs, always with an emphasis on providing the highest quality clothing and homeware for the lowest price. 12 million UK families each year trust Matalan with their family budgets – to provide the range, style, quality and value that enable them to run a happy family home.

As a leading UK and International omni-channel retailer ranging from womenswear and menswear to homeware and furniture; Matalan offers something for all. As of April 2019, Matalan has an impressive 230 UK stores and 30 International franchise stores within Europe and the Middle East, supported with a rapidly growing online channel.

The campaign is great, collection is average, with basics daily wardrobe that anyone can have. Good prices and quality.

With an unwavering commitment to positivity, Chris breathes life into every photo session, transporting viewers into a world of unparalleled beauty and style. Step into the captivating realm of Fashionably Male, where since 2010, the finest features and trendsetting moments have been artfully showcased.

2 comments on “Model Ollie Edwards for Matalan Campaign

  1. Tom Perkins

    I have not seen Ollie since ages ago. He looks great


  2. Falling in love of Ollie, he looks great with natural gray hair. Handsome man.


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