The Art of Mismatching a Suit according to Pini Parma

Let's discover how the luxury brand is mismatching a suit and to not make mistakes.

We now know that Europe is one of the best places to find a tailoring suit, London and Italy are the best places for excellence to get the perfect suit.

After your trip to Europe, you need to find this brand: Pini Parma. Sartorial craft store located in Italy and there’s one in Paris.

If you could enter (after pandemic) to one of its stores, you can feel this sense and vibe of opulence and stylishness.

Let’s discover how the luxury brand is mismatching a suit and to not make mistakes.

In Italy the art of wearing a suit jacket with different pants, has a name : “Abito Spezzato”.

Pini Parma

This art is one of the secrets of elegance and requires a personal touch of creativity and audacity.

We will now give you some tips on how to match the various garments in your wardrobe, following some simple rules for a perfect “mismatching”.

1 – We start from the basics: we can not match a winter jacket with summer trousers and vice versa. Choose two pieces that share similar fabric and textures. Example don’t wear a flannel jacket with s100 trousers or vice versa
2 – Play with the colors:
Solid + Solid
If you combine two solids, make sure that one of the colors stands out more to create a contrast in your outfit. Blue with grey or beige. Bordeaux with blue.

You can choose two different tones of the same color ( light grey with dark grey or beige with grey)

Solid + Pattern 
Brown herringbone jacket + Brown Trousers

and DON’T Mismatch blue with black please! or even worse brown with black. 

3 – Appropriate features and details : To be able to be used with different trousers, the jacket of a suit should ideally have:
– Neapolitan shoulder/ shirt shoulder;

-The patch pocket

– Unstructured construction

4 – The most common Mistake : mismatched a classic suit without soft shoulder and with welt pockets (with or without flap) in 130s wool blue or grey.

5 – Observe the etiquette : for a job interview, an important meeting or a ceremonies a classic blue suit is the most appropriate choice. In this case is better avoid the mismatched look.

6 – Mismatching but with “Sprezzatura” : wearing your personal look with absolute nonchalance, typical of the Italian style.

7 – Avoid black shoes when you mismatch ; brown shoes will be much better, you can also try dark blue shoes. 

8 – Try to wear loafers or sneakers with your mismatch , you will give a twist to your style.

9 – Go for a casual fold pocket square to your suit jacket, this will help to show that its a jacket and not a suit.

10 – Don’t forget to open 2 of your sleeves button this will help to your casual look.

11 – Be sure that the suit jacket that you are missmatching is not too long, jacket are basically 1-1.5 cm shorter than a suit.

12 – Instead of wearing a classic shirt go for a denim shirt or a polo shirt with long sleeves.

13 – Coordinate the colors : if you have different colors on your jacket try to combine the colors with your shirt / polo shirt and trousers.

14 – During the winter season wear a turtleneck under your jacket this will give you a sophisticated look.

Now when you buy a suit think twice if the jacket could be worn as a casual jacket and if the pants could go with another jacket, so you will have multiple looks instead of only one look.

If you have any doubts about a mismatched look, just send us a picture via email or dm via Instagram and we will be glad to give you our opinion.

Follow the brand Pini Parma on the gram: @pini.parma

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2 comments on “The Art of Mismatching a Suit according to Pini Parma

  1. Very informative post and very handsome model examples. A well made suit is still an essential item in every man’s wardrobe.


  2. I’ve been in the store in milan and is beautiful. The suits are really Worth to try. Nice article.


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