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At Home with Adrian Grenier

Come take a look inside his smartly designed townhouse—Adrian Grenier and West Elm collaboration.

Hollywood actor Adrian Grenier works with West Elm and incredible artisans, makers and sustainability experts who helped to built a home in Brooklyn for his mom.

Clickbait TV series actor is commenting via Instagram, “I built it for my mom so it had to be the best and also reflect the values she raised me with.”

“I like to build sustainability into everything I do”, says actor and longtime activist Adrian Grenier. So when he renovated this 1863 Brooklyn brownstone for his mother, taking an eco-friendly approach was the only choice.

Beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone 4 Mom

Originally concepted as a home for his mom, this years-long renovation project has been a chance for Adrian to design a charming home with his passion for sustainability at the forefront.

“This was an opportunity for me and my mom to work together as a team,” says Adrian, who founded Lonely Whale, a nonprofit dedicated to ocean sustainability issues, in 2015. “We took great care to make sure this project had sustainable attributes, because she raised me to be an environmentalist.”

Come take a look inside his smartly designed townhouse, built with love and filled with thoughtful touches from the ground up.

“That was the vision for this project: to take a building that was rundown and renew it, incorporating all the sustainability attributesthat would make my mother proud.”

Adrian Grenier

Natural Beauty

Adrian wanted to make sure the home was “light, bright and airy—a positive energy for my mom.”

Natural light bounces everywhere in the open-concept kitchen, dining room and living room, giving a stunning glow to the sweeping space.

“The parlor floor has incredible light, beautiful views into the backyard and nice open floor plan. It’s just really inviting and uplifting.”

Kitchen space

Thoughtful design

Original moldings give the space plenty of character, but compromised wood was reused in innovative ways. “We took old beams from the walls, milled them down and put them into the floors and ceilings,” Adrian says. The white oak wood flooring is only a quarter-inch thick, so fewer trees were needed to cover the six-story home.

“I think being more sustainable is inherently a smarter option. For me, it’s about smarts and hearts.”

Adrian says

Beautiful renovation, smart space, perfect inspiration for house of your dreams.

See more at westelm.com

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  1. Great article Adrian Grenier has a beautiful home, he is so handsome. He was great in Entourage and had a great interview on Beyond the Plate Podcast. Thanks for sharing.


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