Feast Your Eyes: 10 Hunks Over 40 to Follow on Insta

Feast Your Eyes: 10 Hunks Over 40 to Follow on Insta in 2021 right now.

Feast Your Eyes: 10 Hunks Over 40 to Follow on Insta in 2021 right now.

Theres opportunity for mature man in the fashion industry, at least more for men, we don’t want to discuss about the women side. The male models over 40 has increased, and there’s some that its still in the fashion business.

We need more diversity, industry, the world, the protests has changed every corner in the world and fashion can’t leave behind. We need diversity and we need it now.

We did a nice list of 10 Hunks Over 40 to follow on Instagram in 2021 right now.

Let’s start.

Richard Brands

6’1 muscle one this is Richard Brands. Represented by Soul Artist Management, right now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Represented as a model in Germany, Scotland and England. He loves to keep it in fit, he loves nature, he loves to travel, everybody is waiting to finish lockdown in London and he loves watching some good films.

Gary Hunter

Represented in Philly by Reinhard Model & Talent Agency and by Image International in New York City. Gorgeous!

Noah Huntley

London, England native Noah Huntley was raised on a farm in Sussex. He was first discovered as an actor at age eleven and received his big break courtesy of the film 28 Days Later.

6’2 gray hair, blue eyes, he’s with Sight Management and he’s adorable.

Watch 28 days later here:

Watch on Apple TV

Adrian Chang

He’s a dad, he’s an interior designer and also a model of 6’0″, represented by large and popular agency in NYC Wilhelmina. He turn 51 in 2021 and he looks fabulous.

Gregg Avedon

Gregory Avedon is a former model and fitness personality. Avedon modelled for Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Krizia, Trussardi and Valentino Garavani. He appeared in several magazines and catalogs, including 18 times on the cover of Men’s Health.

George Dellinger

Dying to know George. He’s a very active male model based in New York City. Thick gray beard and hairy chest, he’s represents a good healthy image of a gentleman. Its a must to follow now.

Clayton Paterson

Ohio dad, he’s represented by Posche Models, and is the epitome of having a great body physique in a certain age, follow Clayton and you will see how he’s healthy road to success.

Joachim Gerngro├č

Model Based in London and Berlin. He’s available for various types of work: fashion, fitness, lifestyle, commercial.

Tom Ernsting

Friendly reminder that we all need to take a break and a deep breath. Yes this is Tom Ernsting and we just love him so much. Instagram model, influencer and he knows how to fun.

With an unwavering commitment to positivity, Chris breathes life into every photo session, transporting viewers into a world of unparalleled beauty and style. Step into the captivating realm of Fashionably Male, where since 2010, the finest features and trendsetting moments have been artfully showcased.

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  1. I am so happy that Gregg Avedon and Adrian Wyess made the hunks over 40 list. They are my Man Crushes Everyday

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  2. This is totally awesome! Great website!!


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