The collection looks at the human body as it is constructed, and integrates elements inspired by the bodyʼs form, movement, and complexion into the design.

The human body was top of mind for this collection’s creation.

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake’s collection for spring further reveals the fine craft of the house’s design team, which produced a highly considered and wearable offer.

“The core inspiration revolves around the idea of the human body and the beauty and strength of its form,” explained a member of the house’s design team. Also taken into account were bodies’ movement, skin texture and translating that into each garment’s construction.

“We really hope that the clothing, the design can be celebrated by everyone and anyone,” he continued.

The making of was, as always, extremely technical. For the Body Arch series, there’s attention paid to curved folds melded with straight pleats in pants and jackets’ raglan sleeves. Meanwhile, the Oblique series features a diagonal line running across the garments. Everything here is made wholly of recycled polyester yarn.

Other techniques are used, too. The Body Movement series has curves drawn on with paint and sand, for instance.

This spring collection is themed Human Ensemble and comes in skin tones, with natural hues such as blues, olive and orange and peach in the mix.

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